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Assam is the proud city of india.Today Assam is leading Tea producer in India. Which Generates jobs in Assam for thousands of job seekers? Tea market is really booming. Tea is exporting to various countries which produce a good amount of revenue to the country.

Apart from tea plantation it is also contributing in timber and bamboo industry also rich in oil wells.Minerals, Textile, Paper Handicrafts and manufacturing are other leading industries of Assam.

Every year lot of opportunities arises for different posts in these industries. Now a day various BPO and call centers have opened their set up to produces services and jobs in asssam.
In call centers shifting is based on day and night. But for ladies especially govt is avoiding to participate in night job activates, reason is some recent incident. Assam is growing city of India with having good amount of educated people switch gets job easily any anywhere in Assam.

Now IT is also getting upper level in market and also oil mining is also adding growth value to the overall work and improvement. in short city is developing in various respects like sales, Teaching, Horticulture, Nursing, medical, tea plantation, cement industry jobs, hotel jobs also etc. Teachers are contributing to the nation and city. Vary new collages and schools had open in various places in Assam which automatically produced job to thousands of teachers and it is a good sign of education awareness.

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